Return of the Closed Toe Shoe

Well you know Fall is starting to make its way here when I pull out the closed toed shoes. They haven’t officially all been swaped out from their spot under the bed yet, but I think that is going to take place this weekend. These snakeskin Target shoes I picked up in the Spring never actually got put under the bed, but they haven’t been worn in quite some time, as I make a point to wear my open toed shoes during the summer as our summers are very short. But it is a bit cool out today and they added a little print to my otherwise solid colored outfit so out they came.

I must say, I have been really impressed with Old Navy lately, I have picked up a  lot of great items at great prices this year. As I’ve said before, they are one of the few stores I recommend shopping online for instead of in store. What I actually recommend is shopping in store, finding what you like and the size, and then checking the online price or if they have any online only discounts. They often have 15-30% off if you buy online. I got this sweater (in 3 colors of course, I am a multiples buyer!) for less than $12 because it was on clearance online, then they had 30% off any purchase as well (they are on clearance now still!). In store at the same time, this sweater was about $25.  Plus they have free shipping for any purchase over $50 so no extra charges there.

I am also going to work on a seperate post today on my picks for the Missoni for Target line – so cute and selling out quickly so get there today! The site is so busy you may have to wait awhile before you can get on, just keep the page open and it will automatically refresh when there is space.

ps – Ann Taylor is having 40% off everything today if there is anything you have had your eye on!

pps – I cut that white tag out you can see in the side view pic as soon as I got to work!

What do you think of Old Navy this year?

Pants – Ann Taylor, Cami – Target, Sweater – Old Navy, Shoes – Target, Necklace – Premier Designs

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Love your outfit, and blog in general! Thanks for the great recipes! I am considering purchasing this sweater… what are your thoughts on the sizing of it?


What a difference in the pricing between the store and online. It’s a really cute sweater and a nice piece to duplicate. When I really like something, I tend to purchase two of them, a solid color and a print (if prints are a choice).