Happy Friday! So glad the weekend is upon us, and it is supposed to be one of our hottest here in the PNW – yes! And since I am not a girl who follows silly old rules like no white pants after Labor Day, in honor of the beautiful weather my beloved white jeans are making an appearance.

Let’s talk about that old rule while we are at it. My feelings are this – white jeans and other pants made of a sturdy material are great for year round. Think about some skinny white jeans tucked into boots with a cozy sweater – cute right? Or your white jeans, a fall colored suede pump, with a silky blouse and vest. Lots of possibilities. I’m ok with cotton or linen white pants towards the end of September as long as there is still summer weather, but I would put them away after that. Then it is time to pull out the winter white pants! Winter white, or ivory/cream as some may call it, is one of my favorite colors for the Fall/Winter. I picked up a beautiful drapey pair from WHBM this past year and can’t wait to pull them out of the closet again. I do have to be careful when it is pouring buckets out to not splash on them, so they are generally saved for dryer days or nights that I won’t be walking much.

Will you wear white jeans year round? Do you have a pair of winter white pants?

Today’s outfit is very similar in idea to this one I wore a few weeks back – just switched the black for white and added my flowery pumps courtesy of the MIL. I normally try not to use self belts (the ones that come with a shirt) but I didn’t really have a belt that looked good so just went with it.

Vest – Old Navy (still available in black and cream), Tank – Target (Love these!), Jeans – 7FAMK (similar), Shoes – Anne Klein hand me down (similar)