Some link love while I am sunning myself in San Diego…

While I am enjoying beautiful San Diego wanted to share a few fun blogs and links! Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

1. Check out Rebekah here at Cupcake Caramel, she has lots of great posts about her quest to live a chic, Frenchesque (my word) life – she has lots of fun things to share and makes me laugh

2. Love this idea from Sarah at the Daily Sophisticate for turning your jewelry into decor

3. Have you checked out the new Fall line from H&M – I am loving it! See The Budget Babe’s review here

4. Check out 10 Fall Trends you’ll love to wear

5. I love See Jane’s Fall 2011 essentials

6. The interesting breakdown of 2 recent headlines – Red Meat and Vitamin D and another one just for fun on Salt

7. Recipes I’m looking forward to trying soon! Roasted Curried Cauliflower and Savory Coconut panckes


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Hi! Love these links. I’m new to your blog.

Michelle @ MakingSenseofCents


    Thanks Michelle! I will check out yours as well!


Thanks, Amy! I really enjoy reading your blog, too. I really wish I had found the low carb/primal lifestyle when I lived in Seattle as there are SO many blogs devoted to this lifestyle authored by Seattleites.

I tried the coconut flour pancakes on my husband this morning (he has been missing pancakes ever since I cajoled him into following my eating habits). I used almond flour, and he gave them a thumbs up. To make the pancakes a little “sweeter”, I’m going to add nutmeg and cinnamon to the batter and top them with strawberries or blueberries. For me, I’ll take them savory and make a tomato compote to go on top.


    Good ideas, thanks! I will have to give these a shot!