Rainy Monday

Well after the warmest Seattle weekend this summer, getting into the upper 80’s, the clouds have returned to cool things down again. We may even get some rain – let’s hope not because my cousin, Sarah, is having a birthday BBQ tonight! But looks like today will be the worst of it and we should be warming up again tomorrow.

We had a great weekend enjoying the sun though so can’t complain! Very relaxing and fun!

I wanted to share a great quote for today from one of my favorite TV personas and stylists Mr. Clinton Kelly – “What you wear tells the world how you expect to be treated.”

I saw a woman at the beach (well, what Seattle calls a beach aka Golden Gardens Park) on Saturday wearing baggy cargo shorts, generic white tennis shoes, and a big T shirt that said “Muggle” across the front. My first thought “is this man + pug or something”? This disturbed me enough to Bing it and find that it is a Harry Potter reference. Clearly this woman wants to be treated as Harry Potter’s biggest fan… is that really what you want to lead with? (Sorry, I am kind of a hater today, Monday’s make me cranky)

Ok, enough of my disturbing fashion sightings, hadn’t worn my red jeans in awhile so pulled those out today, my pink ones have yet to make a debut, maybe tomorrow. Kept things simple and relaxed with this fun tee. T shirts that have some cool detailing (aka, not free Microsoft ones, and not ones with the word “Muggle” plastered across the boobs) on them are an easy way to elevate a look while still being just as comfy as a plain T. Fortunately I also grabbed my denim jacket on the way out the door because it was cold when I walked into the street!

PS. If you have a “Muggle” T shirt, please don’t tell me

Jeans – Vertigo via Ebay (similar), T shirt – Caslon (similar), Shoes – Target (similar)

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I can’t believe you didn’t know what a Muggle is! I’m definitely getting you one of those t-shirts for your next birthday. 😉

Amanda E.

Speaking of Clinton, aren’t you glad What Not To Wear is back on? I was going through withdrawal. I love checking out what Stacy is wearing… What I wouldn’t give to raid that woman’s closet!


    Yes, so happy! Always look forward to Tuesday nights now! She does have an amazing wardrobe….


You should know that your blog has been passed around a couple of my blog’s readers as a source for stylish, fun fashion tips AND eating low carb. One of my readers described you as a Barbie doll – and I mean that in the most positive way (not a vapid way!).

While I don’t have the courage or personality to carry off red jeans, I do appreciate you calling out those who choose not to believe that what you wear says too much about the kind of person you want the world to perceive you to be. Like it or not, you are judged by your cover; dress in such a way that people want to get to know who you are beneath your clothes and skin. And dress in such a way that you can be taken seriously as a smart, intelligent woman contributing to society with a voice — no matter your job title — instead of a character in a fantsy.

I love Harry Potter, but anyone over the age of 11 shouldn’t own (or wear!) a Muggle shirt.


    ha ha, that makes me laugh, I will definitely take it as a compliment! I didn’t think I had the courage for colored jeans either, but I decided to give them a shot and now I like them for a change – sometimes I totally pass on trends as well though, that’s definitely ok! Totally agree with you on dressing yourself – it is unfortunate how many people don’t think it matters.