Bargain Picks – Fall Shoes!

Well if you are here in the Pacific Northwest you have barely been able to pull out the sandals. I would have hoped that we would have a few more months, and maybe we will, but I’m not holding my breath. While the rest of the country swelters, we are up here in sweaters. But I must say that I am also looking forward to a Fall full of cute shoes and boots too! I pretty much have finally accepted that I really should spend the majority of my shopping budget on cold weather items…

So anyways, the fall lines are beginning to hit stores and here are the budget shoes I have my eye on!

Payless is hit or miss for me, but I must say, I almost always find a hidden gem whenever I stop by. This time I found 2. (Good thing my husband doesn’t read my blog, he thinks I have too many shoes already…) They are having their BOGO sale right now so buy one, get one half off, and then I highly suggest signing up for their text alerts – I also got an additional $5 off using one of those coupons.

I went to check these out, which I think are really cute. I am not always a fan of the oxford, but I think for this price, I want to give it a shot. Unfortunately they weren’t in the store yet, but I will be checking back.

Hitch Lace Up Shootie – $34.99

I did however fall in love with these Christian Siriano pairs – normally I am not a fan of the stuff they carry of his, it is a little wacky for my taste, but these are just gorgeous and very comfy – lots of padding in the front. I am usually an 8, sometimes an 81/2 and I went with the 81/2 in these.

Kristina Buckle Pump (also comes in a gorgeous brown) – $34.99

Kristina Piping Sandal – also comes in grey and purple – $34.99

Now, onto my other favorite shoe store – Target! (pronounced Tar-jay obviously)

I have my eye on these because while I have a black ankle boot for winter, I like that these are “shooties” – they would look great with black tights and cut off less of the leg than the ones that cover the whole ankle. Also come in brown for $24.99.

Product Image
Now where else could you get tall, real leather boots for just $50 – Target obviously! And they get great reviews.
 Product Image
Wedges are always a comfy favorite of mine, and I think these would be a great fall staple for just $24.99
Product Image

If you like feminine details then these are really cute! Would work great with tights as well. Just $19.99

Product Image
And one more pair of boots, I just love this pretty grey color! $34.99
Product Image
 Have you bought any fall shoes yet, or are you still hanging onto summer?

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Those buckle pumps are quite nice looking – I may have to check them out in person!


My payless needs to talk to your payless, I never find anything in there! Cute selection of shoes. I picked up some black boots during NAS (Cole Haan Air Whitley) and the Frye Short Ankle boot too. I tried on every boot during the sale and only the CH fit my calves. Tall boots are a challenge to fit properly.