White Jeans 2 Ways

Hope you all had a great weekend, here we are back to the grind again. I may have had a little too much wine at our outdoor concert yesterday and that makes for a rough Monday! It was worth it though – lots of fun! I am thinking I need a cheeseburger for lunch though… (bunless of course).

Friday we had an amazing dinner with my co-worker Brandon and his wife, Amanda. It was the first time we had gone out with them and we had such a good time! Amanda is very into fashion, blogs, and or course shoes, so we had lots to talk about! The restaurant, Staple and Fancy, also had an amazing tasting menu that we did with wine pairings and everything was delicious!

It was a little cool out on Friday so I went with this outfit that included a sweater tunic. I wore this same thing on my honeymoon and really liked it so it was an easy choice. I like the monochromatic color scheme of white and gold, with the pop of purple in the purse!

Jeans – 7FAMK straight legs (similar), Sweater – Victoria’s Secret (similar), Purse – DKNY (similar), Belt – H&M, Shoes – Ivanka Trump (similar)























Now onto Monday, unfortunately! I was extremely lazy this morning and didn’t put any eye makeup on or do much with my hair – I needed the extra sleep! I pulled out my white jeans again, and although I almost always wear heels, I picked up these beautiful blue Tod’s flats on our honeymoon in Capri, so decided to give them a spin. So there you have it, I think I have had better days, but loving my shoes at least!

How was your weekend?




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These outfits show the great versatility of straight leg jeans, no PPL issues going from heels to flats. Both outfits are lovely and have interesting details in the tops with the crochet or print. Great new flats!