Primal Pizza courtesy of Sleep.Love.Eat – you won’t miss Domino’s!

Well Joey called her’s date night pizza, but I had to rename because I was all alone when making this. And it was so good I had to stop myself from eating the whole thing.

This is absolutely our new go to Friday night meal, Michael was at a bachelor party in San Diego on Friday night so he missed out, but I’m sure he will love this as much as I did. The wonders of Cauliflower!

I will let you follow Joey’s directions to make this here. Edit – I found out the original creator of this recipe is Jamie at “Your Lighter Side” a great low carb blog, so check out her directions here too. I like the size doubling Jamie’s recipe made though.

A few notes from some messages I had with Joey about this and my own on making it.

1. You will need about 1 large head of cauliflower to make 2 cups I think. I ended up making 2 heads and now have a bunch of “rice” leftover in the fridge – not a bad thing. Per Joey’s suggestion I steamed the florets in the microwave for about 7 minutes before ricing. I would suggest about 4-5 minutes for 1 head. When you steam in the microwave don’t use any water – just stick the florets in a bowl and pop them in.

2. Joey suggested letting the “riced” cauliflower sit on some paper towels for a bit to get out some moisture – she did this the 2nd time around and it made a much crispier crust. I didn’t let my cauliflower sit for long because I was impatient and my pizza had to be eaten with a knife and fork – I didn’t care though, it still tasted awesome!

3. Once you mix the cheese, cauliflower, and eggs together, don’t expect it to be like regular dough – once it is mixed well simply pour onto baking sheet and form it to make crust.

4. I used spicy Italian sausage, pepperoni and dried oregano, basil, and parsley – so good!

Here is mine all done! So good! Thanks Jamie and Joey!

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That looks yummy! Sometimes I can’t help but crave pizza too lol. Thanks for sharing! I’m still trying to get the hang of blogging here and I just love how supportive and creative everyone is! If you have time, could you please check out my blog? I would love some advice and feedback 🙂


    Thanks Kat! I think your blog looks great! I think I could have fun turning some of your yummy looking recipes into low carb versions : )

Jamie VanEaton

That is so yummy looking. And your blog is so fun! I love both! Thank you for being so kind, Kat!


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