Another Monday huh? Well, at least the sun is shining here and I had a very productive weekend getting my closests and drawers cleaned out. I have 3 bags for Goodwill and I can actually move the hangers in my closet a little – yay!

My cousin told me the belt I’m wearing today is a little “hippie” ha ha. I think maybe it loses some of that with these trouser jeans I’m wearing. You can see here where I last wore these trouser jeans, and here where I last wore the belt.

I must say this $7 T shirt from H&M was a good purchase – I have worn it a lot! I love it when you find cheap items that become very useful.

Do you have a bargain item that you wear a lot?

Tshirt – H&M (similar), Jeans – Ann Taylor (similar), Belt – F21 (similar), Shoes – Ann Taylor (similar)

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Three bags is a very successful closet clean out! Super job! Cute belt. My favorite bargain item are my Target tanks. I use them for layering year round, they are soft, and usually go on sale for less than $10.