I wore stripes again yesterday I realized! 4 work days in a row! Well, taking a break today with a different pattern. This blouse was sort of in the black hole of my closet, which is sad because I really like it! I am having a major closet purging this weekend so as to be able to remember things like this. Unfortunately I am not going to be getting a bigger closet for a little while, so this is the best solution for now, and honestly do I really need 20 white shirts? The answer to that is yes, when I eventually get the closet of my dreams aka Carrie Bradshaw’s closet in SATC2. Michael might not know this yet, but when we finally get a 3 bedroom condo (which will be awhile, we still have to graduate to 2 bedrooms) there will of course be the guest room (aka kitty play room), and then I’m thinking the 3rd will be Amy’s dream closet. And then none of my shoes will be quarantined to under the bed, and my winter clothes and summer clothes will all be able to live happily together at the same time. It’s good to dream right? : )

Now back to my outfit, also wearing this denim pencil skirt that fits much better now that I had the waist nipped in. You can also see it worn here. A denim pencil skirt is a great item to have as it works year round. Sandals and short sleeves in the summer, a sweater, tights, and boots in the winter.

Do you have a denim pencil skirt? If not, this one at Target is a great deal!

Skirt – Loft (similar), Blouse – NY&Co (same blouse, different print), Shoes – Jones New York