Well first things first, Happy Friday! Didn’t think I would make it!

And a shopping tip for this weekend, Old Navy will be having 50% off their knit dresses tomorrow morning from 8am-12pm, and they have some cute ones! I am currently trying to figure out what excuse I can use with Michael to sneak out of the house tomorrow morning to go… let me know if you have any ideas.  : )

Also a little poll for my readers – should I buy these jeans  from Esprit? They are on clearance for just $20 and even shipping is super cheap! Do you like the grey, pink or both?










Now onto today’s outfit. Cropped pants! I don’t wear these very often, and they can be controversial in the style world as they can be leg shortening if not done well. Different stylists have different views on what makes them work best, but I agree with Clinton Kelly’s view – best worn somewhere between above the ankle bone and below where the calf muscle ends – and they should be tapered, no wide legs. I personally find pants that end in the middle of the calf where it is largest the most unflattering. It is also best to do cropped pants with a shoe that is low contrast against your leg so you are not making it appear even shorter. I would however suggest you avoid if you are very short or have legs that are short in proportion to your body.

I got the idea from this outfit from the picture below – if it was the weekend I would definitely wear these with my khaki shorts, but I dressed it up for work. I have to admit, I also kind of wish I had worn this today with my army green skinnies, I think that would have been cute!

And here we are!

Pants – Ann Taylor, Shirt – Old Navy (similar), Scarf – Florence vendor (similar), Shoes –  Ann Taylor (similar)

What do you think about cropped pants?






















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Julie Sullivan

I like those pink jeans! I just saw a really cute pink jean outfit on the today show this morning:


I like both jeans. I prefer the gray because you already hvae red and it makes me wonder if pink would be too close a repeat of color? Especially going into fall.

The addition of a bright against the stripes is a great idea. And I like your twist on the inspiration. I find cropped pants tough to fit on myself, but these look great on you. The shoe extends your leg line nicely.