Tonight I’m going to see Aladdin at the 5th Ave Theatre and I am very excited! After work, I am planning on just doing some prep for a client I am taking shopping on Sunday, before meeting up with the friends I am going to the show with for happy hour, so I wanted to wear something I could go straight to the theatre in. I know nowadays a lot of people wear jeans to the theatre, but growing up, going to the theatre was a special occasion and we dressed up! So I still dress up now and just can’t wear jeans.

It is cold here today and I was unpleasantly surprised when I walked out the door that it was actually as cold as it looked – I should have taken a jacket (come on, it is July, is it so much to ask to leave the house in short sleeves?) Well at least I wore pants.

The color of this top reminds me of orange sherbert, the color orange isn’t one I wear often and I have just started incorporating it this year. It is growing on me! I really like the way the soft colors of this outfit work together as well as this gold belt. This belt is a tad big to be worn at the waist though, I am planning on popping over to H&M at lunch to hopefully pick up a smaller size as well, because I have wanted this belt in a smaller version numerous times. Some of my┬ábelts that are bigger can be worn with the end looped into a knot, but this one wasn’t quite long enough for that.

What do you wear to the theatre?

Pants – Bargain BCBG outlet find, Top – The Loft, Sweater – The Loft, Jewelry – Premier Designs, Shoes – Ann Taylor



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Shopping with a client? So do you shop for a living?? It would totally fit, considering you look FABULOUS in every picture. I’m loving today’s color choices (that cream/white is TO DIE FOR with your complexion and hair)…hmmm, maybe I need to try more creams and/or whites.


    I am trying to shop for a living Erin, but unfortunately still have a day job too. My side wardrobe consulting business is called SmartStyle Seattle – Glad you like the outfit, thanks!


Perfect solution for a cold summer day, layering with lighter colors. You look lovely here!