Ok, so I admit, I have a new obsession with the wardrobe of the Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton – don’t worry, it won’t involve me flying to the UK to see her in person or anything anytime soon. Did you see her wardrobe for the recent royal visit to Canada and the US? Seriously, what I would give to be her for a day : ) I adored her use of navy and cream as her 2 most prominent color choices and the chic minimalism of each outfit was just perfect. She wore a lot of perfect dresses, but also did some outfits with jeans too, which are much easier for me to use as inspiration in my daily life.

I just love the simplicity of this outfit, but how pulled together and sophisticated she looks

Well, my version today is of course a  little different as I don’t have her rockin’ tiny bod, but we work with what we have, you know?

I pulled out my Old Navy skinnies and my NY&Co ruffled blouse as a base (yes, this is the same blouse I wore in my last post, but isn’t it fun to remix things?) I tried tucking the blouse in so I could add the belt as she did, but it just didn’t look right on me unfortunately, so just left it untucked. Topped with my H&M navy blazer as that was the closest I had and there you go. I tried on black shoes, but in the end decided I preferred the camel color of these with the outfit. I also added more jewelry than Kate would wear, I like a little glamour! I normally wouldn’t add a big necklace with ruffles, but J inspired me to do it in her post “Ways to Wear a Statement Necklace“. Don’t be afraid to try it out!

Jeans – Old Navy, Blouse – NY&Co (similar), Blazer – H&M (similar), Shoes – Ann Taylor (similar), Jewelry – Premier Designs, just ask, I sell

Are you a fan of Kate Middleton’s wardrobe?

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Natalie Clayshulte

You did a great job remixing the style inspiration from Kate to work for your body type. I also have a difficult time tucking in shirts and I love the way this look turned out with the blouse untucked. The thing I enjoy most about Kate’s style is that it is so simple and classic making it easier to apply to the day-to-day for the rest of us that don’t have the official title of “duchess” 🙂


I wouldn’t knock your own rockin’ bod!

I really like the Duchess’ style – it is chic, ladylike, unfussy and contemporary. I wouldn’t be surprised if H&M or Zara produce a Kate-inspired line. Perhaps she will be a good influence on the chic-wannabe’s (like the Kardashians, ugh).


    I would love to see them come out with a line (hoping for H&M as we still don’t have Zara)! And lol on the Kardashians : )


Oh, I am SO obsessed with her, too. How can you not be? She’s gorgeous, dresses impeccably and she’s ROYALTY for goodness sakes! I actually have zero interest in any other royals, but somehow it makes her more interesting. I really love your take on her outfit. Makes me want to consider something like this myself…hmmm…


I am another Kate fan. I had to check out her outfits everyday while they were in Canada. I actually like your outfit better than Kate’s as the ruffles make the look softer and more interesting than hers. Plus, she is so thin, it makes me cringe, I feel like her legs would snap. You have a rocking body and wear this outfit very well. I especially like that you remixed a top that was for a dressy event, for a daytime look. I really enjoy outfit remixes. I’m taking notes over here.


What a fabulous outfit! LOVE the camel shoes so much better!


Love your outfit, I too love the camel shoes so much better. Your shape is great! She is thin but you have curves. I love everything she wears. I love the navy outfit she wore on the first leg of the trip from London.