Bon Voyage!

Well you are going to get a little cooking and a little fashion here all in one blog. This will be my last blog until I am back from my honeymoon to Italy on July 5th! So hope everyone has a wonderful rest of June and a great 4th of July!

Sunday was a great day, I got to get a little sun on our roof in the morning, then went for facials with my cousin/Maid of Honor Lisa, then went for massages with Michael, followed by a nice indoor grilled dinner. I got this great indoor grill as a wedding gift, perfect for Seattle, and just cooked up some BBQ chicken, grilled sweet potato sticks, and squash. Simple, easy, delicious!








This is actually yesterday’s outfit, and let me say once again, I love how many things these Payless shoes go with! I picked up this blouse at Old Navy on clearance for $8, I had originally looked at it at full price ($22 I think) and decided against it, so was very happy when I snagged it so cheap! I also got it in white… Anyways, went with the pretty simple jeans, blouse, blazer, and heels combo, but I like how the shoes tie it all together!

Any wedding week advice for me?

Jeans – Old Navy, Blouse – Old Navy, Blazer – H&M, Shoes – Payless

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Dinner looks delicious!

Today is my wedding anniversary. My husband and I had a low-key wedding on Maui seven years ago, and we followed it with a reception for 75 guests back home in Seattle three months later. My wedding advice is: it’s one day. It is not your marriage; it is just a ceremony. I had plenty of drama from my high-maintenance mother at my wedding, and my husband kept reminding me that her antics do not spoil or characterize our relationship. By adopting a calm demeanor and a less rigid personality for the day (I’m quite Type A), my normal responses to someone else’s drama didn’t spoil the day for everyone else. A few glasses of wine helped, too. 🙂

It’s just one day.


    Happy Anniversary Rebekah! Great advice, thanks!


My advice is to enjoy, the day will move along so quickly! Frankly it is a blur for a while because there is so much going on to be happy about! please tell the name of your indoor grill. Much happiness to you both. Enjoy Italy!


Enjoy it all. And when little mishaps happen, smile and remember them. They are the stories you will tell your grandchildren about your wedding day.

Natalie Clayshulte

Hope your wedding and honeymoon are wonderful. Enjoy every moment and post lots of pictures when you get back 🙂


Wishing you a wonderful wedding. The wedding day itself goes very fast, be sure to take a step back and just enjoy the day.


You were all right! It was the fastest day of my life, but also the best! : )