Finally Found!

So I have blogs I visit everyday for inspiration and because they are fun! Two of them are Mom’s Have Style Too and J’s Everyday Fashion. Well, after seeing all the outfits these lovely ladies put together using their skinny army green cargo pants, I knew I had to have a pair. See here and here.  I just wasn’t sure I actually wanted mine to have actual cargo pockets, as these bloggers have nice skinny little legs and mine don’t really need any extra bulk added. I actually tried the Target pants that Erin (Mom’s have style too) has, and they looked a whole lot better on her, so the search for some that looked great on me began!

I finally came across these Hudson pants on Nordstrom Rack online – yes! I love my Hudson jeans, so I knew what size I would likely be, had a little left on a gift card, and scored these for $64. And I love them! So excited to have a casual pant alternative to jeans. Today is actually a little bit of a safari look I think, didn’t really plan that, but it came together. Love this coral colored zebra tank, and as it is of course still cold here, added my white cargo sweater.

Do you have a pair of skinny cargos or cargoish pants?

Pants – Hudson, Tank – Loft, Sweater – Loft, Shoes – Ann Taylor

(forgive my not so great photo quality today, left the new good camera at my office, and had to pull out the old not so good one)

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Amy, I LOVE the new pants and am so completely flattered that I got a shout out! That’s what this blogging thing is really all about, isn’t it? Inspiring each other? I’m really glad you found a pair that works for you. These make your tush look amazing (at least from the side!)


Jeez, why do I always forget to mention something? It’s like my finger is just ITCHING to hit “post”. I’m also totally digging that sweater. Very cool spin on a cardigan 🙂


    ha ha, thanks Erin! I know you love The Loft too! I will probably be copying some more of your cargo pant outfits soon!


hi amy,
just a quick note to say i started following your blog a couple weeks ago and you do a great job! keep up the good work. i like your clean style with a trendy twist! your blog covers the 2 things i love most fashion and food! thanks for everything you do!



    Thanks so much Jill! That is so nice to hear! I will have more recipes to come in July once I am back from my honeymoon!