Stretchin’ It

Well, back to lots of clouds and wind here, fortunately I grabbed a jacket on the way out this morning! Today was a “what do I feel like wearing” kind of day. I tried on 2 pairs of white pants before I realized that they are both too short for my heels, so annoying. I think I will hem one for flats and the other will work for shorter heels (unfortunately, I don’t have many of those). I always make sure my pants are no shorter than a half inch from the ground (unless they are a slim or skinny cut) at the absolute most as this creates the longest leg line and really just looks the best.

So after that debaucle, I pulled out this shirt and I was out of time for a lot of fuss so just grabbed my favorite jeans, and decided to once again add a belt! I love these belts that are elasticized, they are so comfortable and stay in place well when not using belt loops. I could have done this without the belt, but I think it adds a little something extra and I love the shape it gives me. Best way to create or show off your waist! I didn’t do a necklace as there is so much going on with the shirt pattern and belt, but am wearing a fun pair of earrings!

Have you tried stretchy belts?

ps. you will have to forgive the lovely boxes behind me, stuff for the wedding just keeps showing up and we have no where to put it!

Jeans – Citizens, Shirt – Michael Kors via Ross, Belt – F21, Shoes – Nine West Outlet

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Well, now I know where you live (not in a creepy way), because you just described the weather outside MY window. Grrr. I NEED SUNSHINE!

Anyway, more importantly, this outfit is FANTASTIC on you. Perfect in every way. Seriously, the shirt fits you like a glove, the pattern and color is great with your hair. The jeans fit beautifully and are the exact right length for those adorable shoes. Wow, I’m just gushing over this outfit, which I don’t normally do, but this one is a keeper! Oh, and love the belt, too 😉


Uhhh, pattern and color ARE great…not IS great…stupid English language!


    ha ha, thanks Erin! Yes, Seattle definitely needs to get some warmer weather! So windy today!


I’ll give you some of my weather, we were 87F today and going to be 98 tomorrow, this is too hot for June in NJ. I like the stretchy belt idea and have to experiment more with these. I remember when I got married, we had so many deliveries, I knew our UPS driver by name. And I still do, I guess I order a lot on my own too. 🙂


I have those exact shoes. I picked them for my college graduation party. I only wore them to elegant outfits. You inspired me to give them a more everyday-office-casual vibe. Still elegant but less formal. Thanks!