Rainbows and Citrus

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had the warmest weather since September here, and it was amazing! Michael and I spent Saturday morning doing wedding stuff, and then spent the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine at Alki Beach, it was gorgeous! Sunday was spent lounging at my Cousins place on her front lawn and in a kiddie pool, drinking mimosas, followed by a lovely rooftop dinner back at home with Michael. Pretty much the perfect weekend!

Friday night it was still a little chilly because of the wind, not warm enough for a dress unfortunately, so when Michael and I went out to dinner at an amazing restaurant down the block from us called Branzino, I stuck with jeans. I am trying to work more belts into my outfits, as I think they are a great way to add shape to an outfit, and a punch of color. I picked this blouse up for maybe $5 on clearance at Old Navy and it is very loose and blousy, something I would normally never buy. But for the cost I figured it was worth it to see if it would work with a belt, and I’m glad I did! I went with the colorful belt, and added my new floral Payless shoes that are very comfy, to pull out the colors of the belt.

Do you wear a lot of belts?

Blouse – Old Navy, Jeans – Citizens, Belt – F21, Shoes – Payless





















And here we are Monday again and back in the office. Fortunately, it is supposed to be pretty mild this week, and not that wet. Mid-60’s, I’ll take it! Today is my “citrus” outfit. I was hesitant to get this orange colored T shirt, as I’ve never been one to wear much orange, but for $8, I’m glad I went for it! I think it is a really fun color. This yellow flower pin was a bit of an impulse purchase, thank you H&M, but I think it is a really fun touch and a nice departure from just a necklace. Might even look cute pinned on a necklace, will have to try that! I’m really excited to wear this tee with my navy blazer as well, as I love the color combo of navy and orange, but today I think the light grey is a nice neutral to contrast with the bright colors. I was going to wear neutral shoes, but then I remembered I had these cute floral ones, that just happened to go perfectly! Love when that happens : )

Do you wear orange?

Jeans – Old Navy, Tee – H&M, Blazer – Macy’s from 3 years ago, Flower Pin – H&M, Shoes – Alfani

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I’m still in baby step mode when it comes to belting. I love outfits with the look, but have yet to master the correct placement and size to wear for a belt not holding up my pants. This is a pretty colored belt, and perfect placement on you too. It really jazzed up the white top. And I bow to your 4 inch heel wearing prowess, super cute floral shoes!

I have one orange sweater and I do enjoy wearing it. Orange is a nice happy color and a refreshing departure from the usual brights: yellow, pink and turquoise, you often see in summertime. I also like gray with orange and blue with orange. I think purple and orange would also be a lovely combination.


    Thanks Lisa! I think the best way to start with belts is to get stretchy ones and put them at the smallest part of your waist. I get just about all of my belts from F21 or H&M.

    Love the purple and orange idea, but I don’t think I have a purple outer layer, I will have to keep an eye out!