Well another cold day outside, but the weather people are promising warmer temps tomorrow! So hopefully this is the last day of closed toed shoes for awhile!

Sometimes I have planned in my head a whole outfit, those are the easy days. Other days I don’t even know where to start and stare into my closet in despair hoping to be inspired quickly, as I like to sleep in and always seem to be running late. And days like today, I have one item in mind to wear and decide to build around that.

I decided I haven’t worn this vest in awhile and it seemed like something good to pull out. I last wore it in this outfit, a little bit of a dressier take. Felt like being a little more casual today so went with jeans (I know, shocking) and then noticed this shirt that I recently pulled out of storage (unfortunately I have to switch my clothes out seasonally) had a nice silver grey stripe running through it. I love pink and grey together too! So layered up and there you have it. 

Jeans – Citizens, Blouse – Express 2 years ago, Vest – Banana Republic, Shoes – Target

How do you plan your outfits for the day? 


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Cute outfit!

I moved from Seattle to Austin a few months ago because my husband and I could no longer take the damp and the gray. We’re having our fill of sunshine now!

I’ve been living a low-carb life for two months now. I’ve lost the craving for grains (except maybe some brown and wild rice), general sugary things, but still love a glass of wine. Wine and fruit are my biggest temptations, but I only indulge in fruit a couple of times a month, and wine only a couple of times a week. The rest of the time is protein, veggies, and small amounts of cheese and some cream in coffee.

I’m looking forward to reading through your blog!


    Ah so jealous! This Spring has been particularly rough! My fiancee works at Microsoft, so we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We are already talking about saving for a condo in San Diego for weekends though!

    That’s great about your diet! I too am a wine fan, and actually have a glass or so every night. Wine actually is low in carbs, but for some people alcohol can inhibit weight loss. I say if you can still lose weight and maintain the weight you are happy with while enjoying it, then go for it! If you find your weight loss stalling then cut back and see if that helps.

    Thanks for the comment!


My outfit planning is heavily based on weather and then activity. During the winter, rainy or snowy days means jeans tucked into boots as my go to outfits. In warmer months I am trying to be more aware of giving my dresses and skirts a workout. I enjoy a variety of heel heights in my wardrobe. On food shopping days I try to wear comfortable, lower heeled shoes since those are heavy walking days.

When the weather is consistent, I shift to dressing based on my mood. Often I will pick one item I want to wear and build the outfit around it as you did here. You look great in these soft colors.