Mini Burgs!

I have to thank PALEOdish for this AMAZING recipe! I am a total ketchup fiend, but obviously it has sugar so try to avoid as much as possible. I did not miss the ketchup on these and that is saying a lot!! This served 2 of us, I made 9 mini burgers – I had 4 and Michael had 5.

Ingredients for burgers at link above, you will also need the below.

  • 2 Avocados
  • 3 spoonfuls of organic salsa
  • Sea salt, pepper, and cumin to taste
  • Organic, preferably raw, cheese, 8-10 thin slices (optional)


You will want to grate your carrots, onion, and zucchini (if you have it) or you can do what I did and just put it in my handy immersion chopper thing. Or food processor. Whatever makes it easy for you to make the veggies very small.

Then add to bowl beef, garlic, curry paste, cinnamon, salt and pepper and mix well

Make 8-10 mini burgers and put on a plate

In a skillet, heat a Tbsp or so of coconut oil (or other fat if you want), once hot put burgers into pan to cook

Cook for about 2 minutes on one side, then flip. If you are going to add cheese, add it now as it takes awhile to melt. Once cooked and cheese melted, set aside on plate.

Now quickly make your guacamole, just put 2 avocados in a bowl, with 3 spoonfuls of salsa, and season with a little cumin, sea salt and pepper to taste

Then serve mini burgers, topped with guacamole! I just added side of frozen butternut squash that I heated up with a Tbsp. of butter, salt and pepper. Enjoy! (and thanks again to PALEOdish!)

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I will be trying these for sure!!

Jenn Kistler

I’m going to try these tonight! Beau and I are trying to cut back on carbs and add more creativity to our meals. Thanks for posting this recipe, Amy!


    Let me know how they turn out! Everyone who has made them so far says they are amazing!