Another Shameless Copycat

The sun is out today, yes!!! I didn’t even have to wear my wool coat, just have my leather jacket today. And I am already planning my skirt and dress outfits for Thursday and Friday because it is supposed to maybe get to 70, which in Seattle, means no tights needed! Can you tell I am excited?

Well, today is another copycat of Sarah at the Daily Sophisticate, you can findĀ her versionĀ here. I use the term “version” loosely as mine really is almost identical today. This is why I love checking out other bloggers, I can assure you I would not have thought of this outfit, layering a tank over a button down, on my own. I was lacking ideas today so pulled out my handy print out of favorite outfits and decided this one would be perfect.

Jeans- Gap Real Straight, Blouse – Old Navy, Tank – Land’s End Canvas via Sears, Shoes – Target, Necklace – Premier Designs

What are your favorite things to layer?

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I need to find a navy tank to copy this look, I just love it and I already have a gingham print shirt. I’ve been searching for ways to style it besides with a cardigan or blazer, this look is perfect. My favorite layering pieces is a shirt with a cardigan or a knit with a blazer. I want to try more interesting layering in the future though such as this look, or a layered vest look.