So I was lazy last night and didn’t take pictures of this on my own, but you don’t need them because the recipe is straight from Sarah at Everyday Paleo, and she documents very well.

Michael tasted this and said that it was the most flavorful chicken he had ever had. It really was delicious!

Only things I did differently was to sprinkle garlic powder on chicken instead of slicing garlic (yes, I was that lazy) and then I baked for 25 minutes without covering with foil. (I used tenderloins so the chicken pieces were faily small and cooked quickly)

Then I added a sprinkle of feta before serving as we still use a little dairy.

Seriously, this was amazing and I highly recommend as a quick and easy dish with just a few ingredients.

On another good note, I also made brussel sprouts with bacon, and Michael finally agreed to try one and liked them! He even asked for more! I had already made him green beans (yes, he is spoiled) but I was happy to oblige, and am so excited that now I can make these more often without having to make a second vegetable! Now we just have to work on spinach…