A Pink Zebra

Well I won’t do any complaining about the weather today because once again, just grateful there isn’t some natural disaster here. Hope the XO headquarters and everyone in Memphis are ok.

We actually even got a little sun this weekend! Mixed in with rain, but I will take what I can get. And I am headed to Southern California for my bachelorette party trip on Thursday so will hopefully get plenty of sun then. I will have to post Saturday nights outfit tomorrow, Michael took the pictures off already so I don’t have with me.

Not super excited about today’s outfit, but maybe I just have the Monday blahs. I love this cardi because of the fun print and it feels like Spring, but I think I need to figure out better ways to wear then just jeans and a white shirt. Any ideas? I’m thinking white jeans maybe. Wondering if perhaps a silver belt would jazz it up.  I do love these grey shoes though, thank you Target. They are a great Spring option to wear with lighter colors, when it is still too cold for sandals.

Jeans – GAP, Sweater – The Loft, Shirt – Express, Shoes – Target

How is your Monday going?

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