Bargain Blazers!

I have been trying lately to add to my blazer collection, as cheaply as possible of course! I love how a blazer or jacket easily makes an outfit more sophisticated and pulled together, they are great completer pieces. I was telling my friends last night that I have a hard time spending more than $50 on any item, except for jeans, dresses and shoes. (and if I can spend less than $50 on those too, even better!) That is sort of the # in my head that I put an item down if I can’t figure out how to get it for less (thankfully I am a good couponer, maybe there should be an extreme couponer shopping show that I can be on!) So imagine my happiness when I was doing some Internet surfing and found these 2 blazers at Kmart for $18 each!! And they are knit, which I love because you get all the comfort of a sweater, but with polished look of a blazer. Unfortunately, if you are a lot smaller than I am these might not work for you. I got the small and they do not carry XS : ( I don’t really feel that bad for you if you are smaller than I am though!




Now I wish I had seen this before I spent $50 on my H&M white blazer! I looked everywhere for a cheaper white blazer – remind me to check Kmart next time!

And this also almost made it in my bag, but I decided to go for the knit instead, so cute!

This isn’t really a blazer, but for $13, it may be on its way to me soon – similar to J’s here and she looks so great! (and even cheaper than her’s too)

And here I am today, wearing the black knit jacket (a bit Chanelesque I think). I got the inspiration for this outfit from the Redbook article I posted awhile back.

Inspiration is outfit #1 – I am so sad Kmart doesn’t have this jacket still! But it is the same shape as the black one, so I used that and added my leopard print heels and gold belt to jazz it up.

And my version… $30 Old Navy Jeans, Belt is H&M, T Shirt is The Loft, and Shoes are Nine West. How did I do?

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After seeing this post, I just went into Kmart over lunch and tried on a few of these blazers. Unfortunately, the white blazer did not sit right on me — the “flap” part of the blazer covered one of the buttons, it looked like a defect.

The green military blazer is really adorable and seems well made, but I didn’t see where I could actually wear it.

I haven’t been to Kmart in years and was surprised at how nice some of the clothes looked.


    Well even if you didn’t find something perfect for you this time, it is always fun to have a new “bargain” place in mind I think! Thanks for the update on the quality, but you definitely have to be able to see how an item would work into your own wardrobe, so a good pass if not.

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