Easiest Crockpot Dinner EVER!!

You don’t even need an ingredient picture for this one, here it is – Chicken, Salsa, salt, pepper

Yep, that’s it. Put about 2 lbs. of chicken in crockpot in the morning, I used thighs and a few breasts I had left over – you can even just stick it in there frozen. Then put a little salt and pepper on chicken and cover with a container of salsa. I used an all natural mango lime salsa I picked up randomly at the Macy’s cafe, can’t remember what brand, but very good. It had no funky ingredients, and no added sugar.

Served it up with a side of green beans. Just sautee frozen green beans in skillet with a Tbsp. of butter, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add a little feta cheese if desired to skillet for a minute at the end.

Seriously, how easy was that? And not only easy, it was delicious! Don’t tell me you can’t open up a can of salsa and a bag of frozen green beans! : )

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This really is the easiest crockpot dish. I used a medium salsa and then added cheese on top before serving. I felt like I was eating nachos, without the chip. This is going to become a “go-to” dish for me on busy mornings.