Shellac Nails?

Have you tried the new Shellac or Gel nail polish yet? Well, I personally love it, I don’t like having acrylic nails so this is a great option for me. It does cost more than a regular manicure but mine typically last about a week and a half and I can get bright colors again! My nails do get a little dry with it though, so I plan on getting a regular manicure with clear nail polish about every 2 or 3 times I get the Shellac.

Here is an article about it –

And here is a pic of my not so beautiful hand with my Shellace manicure, the pink is an attempt to be colorful in this dreary weather. : )

Anyone else loving or hating it?

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I’m sooooo happy to hear that you’re taking a break every now and again from the Shellac- it’s really not great for your nails because it inhibits oxygen from getting to your nail bed. Make sure you’re using a cuticle oil every day in the meantime to help keep your nails healthy. 🙂
Also, make sure where you go that they are soaking your polish off. I’ve heard horror stories of places that actually will just slap new polish over the old stuff, or worse, will DRILL the polish off- so bad and so unnecessary! Soaking them off in acetone is the only way to remove Shellac or Gelish type polish safely with the least amount of damage to your nails.
You know me… Just trying to make sure you still have pretty nails for your wedding 🙂


Thanks for the comments Katie, great advice for us all! Now if I can only stop pulling it off myself and let the nice ladies soak it off instead, then I will be in good shape. I think I will actually be breaking down for the wedding and be getting silk wraps or something, let me know if you have any thoughts on what is the best way to get added length.


I love them too Amy! Good advice Katie! I never really thought about that. I am trying to grow mine long for our wedding. Excited to see you girls in may. So excited for your wedding Amy! Hope all is well!


If you want healthy nails for your weddings, girls, I suggest you lay off the shellac. 🙂 Healthy, strong nails start with healthy cuticles, so cuticle oil is a must. Also, and I truly am not just saying this to push Julep products, but we have a brand new nail growth system that is a combination nail growth serum and nail therapy base coat that is unbelievably awesome. I’ve been using it for three months now, and my nails are growing faster, longer, and stronger. It’s like Latisse for your nails, and it’s the only product on the market that uses peptides to encourage nail growth (no, that Sally Hanson stuff is NOT the same thing). Anyway, if it were me, I’d start using the system now, and then just do Shellac right before your wedding.
And stop picking at your nails!! 🙂 go buy some acetone at Walgreens 🙂 when you peel the polish off, you take the top layer of your nails off with it and you damage your nails.
Oh!! I forgot to tell you! Make sure you are bringing SPF with you when you go get shellac done. Those UV lights are not good for you! Julep switched to LED lights awhile back because of the harmful effects of the UV lights used to cure shellac.
Anyway, if you’re interested in the System, I can get it for you (you too Leslie!) for 30% off with my employee discount. 🙂


    Thanks Katie, I think I will still need to get acrylics or something for the wedding, but I may take you up on that afterwards so I can grow my own!


Such great advice from all you girls. I gave up on the shellac because it was too hard on my nails. I have started using cuticle oil and have increased protein in my diet. The combination seems to be working! My nails are stronger than they have been in years.