Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus with a side of Rib Eye

Michael just loves when I make these asaparagus, they really are incredibly delicious. And these rib eye’s were amazing – grass fed would be better, but we are doing our best with what is conveniently available to us. We are currently looking into buying a grass fed cow to share with a few other couples, but until then Trader Joe’s it is. I made 2 bunches of these asparagus because the leftovers are amazing in an omelet! The best thing about this lifestyle is all the yummy meals I get to eat while never feeling hungry! This meal only took 30 minutes to make at the most and we finished it off with a handful of almonds for dessert.


 Olive Oil

 2 bundles asaparagus

 1 package Prosciutto

 2 Rib Eye steaks

 Salt and Pepper

 Preferred Steak Seasoning



Preheat oven to 400 degrees

 After washing asparagus and trimming off ends, put on foiled pan and drizzle with olive oil and move them around until lightly coated. Lightly salt (prosciutto is salty so not very much) and add black pepper

  Take about 3 asparagus (maybe 4 or 5 if they are very skinny) and bundle by wrapping a prosciutto slice around and rolling up then place on baking tray.  Put into the oven for about 15 minutes or until fork can pierce fairly easily.

As soon as you get asparagus in the oven, get steaks going

We use this electric indoor grill, but you could also use outdoor grill or grill pan as well

Just salt and pepper both sides, along with favorite steak seasoning or herbs that you like – we used a prime rib rub I had on hand that didn’t have any yucky fake ingredients that we try and avoid.

Cook until desired degree of doneness

 Out of the oven, can’t wait to eat!


And time for dinner!


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I made the asparagus tonight and my husband (and I) loved it. The first asparagus recipe I’ve ever made that I liked. I did not add any extra salt, there was plenty from the prosciutto. I never would have thought to make them this way, thanks for sharing!


    Glad you liked it, also my favorite way! If you make extras, try in an omelet the next day, so good!

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